Sunday, August 28, 2011

Popular links to check out!

These are a few of the blogs I follow or visit frequently for a quick dose of inspiration!
The sketchsupport team members are listed here as well!

SketchSupport DT:
Allison Davis
Carolyn Wolff
Christina Hoffman
Christine Chain
Christy Arthur
Jennifer Larson
Jill Sarginson
Katrina Hunt
Lynette Jacobs
Megan Bickers
Melissa Bell
Melissa Elsner
Mireille Divjak
Noey Hunt
Robbie Herring
Shari Thurman
Suzanna Lee
Tammy Tutterow
Tammy Volland

Blogs I visit:
crafty storage
Scrapbook Generation
Freedom in Creating
twisted chick
fresh and fun

Will add some more later, gotta go run some errands now!

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