Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Here are a few pics of the card classes I have been doing these last few months.  They are all from Allison Davis sketches.

I will add the pic from this month is at the store for display. In the meantime we have made it through baseball season..

We also found out that we are having a 3rd boy!! The boys were bummed, they wanted a sister. (And I have to admit me too a little) But I have still been pretty sick and had to have IV fluids and now Physical Therapy on my neck and back ( old injury) so I am still moving pretty slow but can say that as of this last week or so I have been able to eat normally again! WHoo hoo!! I still take meds to help that but it is getting better.  The last ultrasound we had looked good and so we are super happy that things seem to be going well on the baby front.

We did have a sad week last week when we lost our kitten whom we all was attacked and we tried all we could to nurse him back but he was just to little and lost to much to make it.  So it was rather emotional for all of us- especially this hormone overloaded mama! I still find myself thinking of him and the tears start all over! I hate to see how much worse it will get by December!  RIP THUMPER

We spent the weekend at Silver Dollar City in Branson and had a tintype pic done of us. The boys turned out so cute! We also took a ride on the Ducks.  Mason got to drive it so I will have to post pics from that soon.  Thanks for stopping in and I Hope your summer is going great!