Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Best laid plans

Well, so much for cramming as much as possible into those last "2" months! Baby K decided to come 4 weeks early while mommy was out black Friday shopping. This led to a 15 day NICU stay and a lot of craziness around here.  Back in Oct. I posted before my scrapbook retreat and while I was gone, my sweet hubby and boys finished the baby room for me! They laid new flooring, painted and put up wainscoting. It looks great!! I love that they all worked on it together!

As it turns out, it was a huge blessing because if they hadn't done it then, Kendon may not have had a room to come home to.

Nov 3rd we finally got my brother married..after a lot of work planning and making it all happen. 

Then we took the boys on their very first deer camp experience. 

We had a sweet little doe come right up to us and let the boys pet it! Made the whole trip worth it!

My mom had a trip by Ambulance to the ER while we were gone as well. She's now doing well and we think they have everything figured out there.  After we got home, I had a check up and was already dilating and was told to "take it easy" and to try to stay pregnant at least 9 more days. ( I would be 37 weeks at that point and considered full term.) 9 more days would also be my Dad's birthday so that would be a great birthday present...

The boys and I spent the next week cleaning everything and trying to get our Christmas stuff put up while they were out of school.  We then went to Thanksgiving Dinner and then late night bargain hunting on that Thurs. with all the other crazy people waiting out in the cold for a good deal.  Friday morning we went back out..me being wheeled around by my mom so as to not "overdue" it!

Well, my contractions started in Hobby Lobby and weren't going away so I had to have my mom drive me to L&D Triage to be evaluated before I drove all the way back home.  I was at a 3 1/2 and they wanted to check me again in an hour so I walked the halls till then and at the next exam I was at a 4 1/2 so they kept me another hour and if I had gone further then, they would admit me and we would be having a baby!  They did admit me and I labored for 7 1/2 hours total before i got my epidural then I stalled somewhat at a 6-7 until they broke my water around 11:30.  Kendon was born at 12:56am.
 He had to be admitted to the NICU for breathing issues (which we expected, due to his being premature.) and long story short..15 days and a lot of stress/exhaustion later, he came home!

During his stay, we had to have my Dad take Mason and his friends to his birthday party at Splash Country because I had to stay in the hospital with the baby.  He had a blast and we are so thankful to my parents for helping with the boys while we went though all of this!  We are now settling in and getting those last few presents bought and wrapped and waiting on Christmas to get here.

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