Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Fall Family pics and Daddy's Big Deer!

This weekend we decided to take advantage of the BEAUTIFUL fall colors we have right now.  Mom and I took the boys to the Linden Bridge, Ozark Park, the old Mill, and a pumpkin patch for pictures and fun. Then I took the boys to Fall Festival at our church..all in one day! I must say it was an exhausting day in more than 1 way.

Getting my children (Caden to be more exact) to take a decent picture is like pulling teeth.  He is the king of the cheesy, grit your teeth, squint your eyes, smile.  He either looked in pain, half asleep, or possibly heavily medicated in most of the pictures.  I was REALLY getting frustrated..he has such a sweet smile, and beautiful blue eyes when he shows the little boy I know is in there..but get out a camera and he disappears and a whole new person shows up.  We just had to laugh because you can literally see him change and as soon as you say, "CHEESE, SMILE," or whatever else you can think of to elicit a smile. Mason is almost always genuine and I can say, "I love you!" And he says it back to me with his usual happy smile.  I managed to get a few decent ones of Caden by saying "I love girls" or something he considered embarrassing.

Then to top it all off, as they were supposed to be getting back in the car to drive further down the river bank, Caden starts wailing about Mason splashing him with mud.  URGHH! Mason had thrown a rock at him which landed in a huge mud puddle right at Caden's feet..he was covered in mud from head to toe.  In his new clothes and we had only snapped about 5 pics so far.  I was SO MAD. Frustrated is an understatement! That's boys for you, they are drawn to dirt and mud puddles like a bee to honey.

Even though it took all day, several arguments, whines, and a few bribes later, we had a handful of good shots.

On Sunday evening, Keith went hunting and shot the biggest buck he ever had with his bow. The boys were super excited.

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