Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Sorry there hasn't been any post recently. To put it mildly, you could say we have all been a little under the weather! A little over a month ago, Caden developed a cough that sounded horrible and wouldn't go away. I finally gave in and took both boys in to see Dr. T when it wasn't getting any better and Mason now had the same cough.  After seeing Masons throat, they gave a cough med and some antibiotics.  Fast forward a week later, Caden sounded a little better but Mason sounded worse, so back to the Dr. we go.  They give us a different antibiotic, and breathing treatments for Walking Pneumonia.  This is on a Thursday.  Late Friday night into Sat. I start feeling really really bad.  I hurt all over and had the worst chills.  I was running a temp of 101.4 so I had to skip my all day scrap event  : ( and wait for the Dr. to open.  Finally around 10:00 I got in and they ruled out strep, and did a flu test, sending me home with Tamiflu and a Rx in case in wasn't the flu.  Upon getting home and starting the meds around 11:00 I began vomiting.  This did not stop for hours, my fever went to 103 and I received a call from the Dr. saying my test was positive for the flu.  Yay me.    I literally felt horrible and slept for hours upon hours. I was quarantined to the bedroom and my kids were taken to my moms. I finally emerged on Mon. to pick Caden up from school and was greeted by a pink-eyed little boy.  We picked Mason up and headed home to find the eye drops leftover from the last time.  We all went to bed, none of us feeling to wonderful.  Then around midnight, Caden woke up vomiting everywhere. Again, yay me..

I won't gross you out any more than necessary, but let's just say when your sick yourself you DO NOT want your night filled with vomit that requires the aid of our outdoor power washer and a spatula to make your clean-up job easier to say the least. I was on the verge of tears..I cannot tell you how badly I wanted to wish myself away..I probably didn't handle it the best but to my credit it has been a very exhausting, awful week.  We decided to send mason on to school since he seems to be healthy other than the annoying cough that won't quit. It certainly isn't a good thing to hang around here.  For my benefit and the schools, I hope we do not regret that decision! We have an appt.  to get Caden in to see the Dr. this afternoon to check to see if he has the flu...please pray for our family that no one else gets it and that we can all get healthy!!!

****UPDATE**** Caden checked out negative for the flu so that's good, they think i have a stomach bug on top of the flu..(I figure I probably picked em both up @ the Dr. office Thurs.) so now we just have to wait out this stomach bug that we are sharing!

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