Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Goodbye tonsils...hello ice cream!

Well we managed to clear out enough snow to get Caden to the Dr. Monday and we are now scheduled to do surgery to remove his tonsils next Wed!  He is nervous but can't stop talking about ice cream.  LOL  I think it will be good, but I'm a little nervous myself.  He's such a talker..it will kill him to have to be quiet for that long! 

I can't believe it used to just be the two of us all day..he's gotten so big on me! This was 5 years ago.  But he still has that same attitude..he hasn't outgrown that yet!

We are getting ready for another round of snow coming our way.  I don't think it'll be bad but I am sick of the cold- little or not...so here's a summer layout in winter!

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