Thursday, January 13, 2011

Useless Info..

Just in case anyone is wondering...I LOVE music.  I added a playlist to this page just because I like to listen while I browse..If that's not the case for you, feel free to turn it off/down or click a different song. : )  (it's toward the bottom right)  I listen to anything and everything as you will see by the songs.  Here's a little useless info about my choices:

The Call..Regina Spector
This one is from the Narnia movies, which I Love too!  I just love the message and emotion behind it.

If I Die The Band Perry
This one is just catchy and reminds me to live for today, I have several friends that have died to young.

I Had The Time Of My Life..Dirty Dancing
Dirty Dancing, need I say more??  it's so corny but I still enjoy this movie. Nobody puts Baby in a corner! Soo wish I could dance...

New Again..Brad Paisley and Sara Evans
If you've listened to this, enough said.  The video on you tube makes me sob every time. Jesus gave so much for us and we should never lose sight of that so here's a great reminder every day.

Love Like Woe..Ready Set
This song just makes me has a great tune and I have to turn it up and sing along.

Right Here Waiting..Richard Marx
An oldie but a goodie...we used to sing this when I was younger and is one of the best love songs ever!! I and a lot of others know it by heart.
I hope to add more soon, but that's it for now...and a bonus layout to view!

They are my reason for smiling....


  1. your kids just like to pose for pictures. Thats not fair. Leshia refuses to let me take her picture. She just like to take them. your layout looks great by the way...

  2. That's my boys! Well, maybe their grandpa's too. The music is fine with me.